Galerie Imersten, Vienna, 2014

open archives, 2000-018

A combination of seemingly disconnected images- commissioned and free work, pictures from different genres are treated the same way. The photographs generate a visual alphabet that plays with esthetic codes and hysterical colour arrangements; the informational content of imagery(PORTRAITS) and it´s inconsistency is beeing questioned.The shown subjects often derive from the fields of fashion and theatre, stage-like situations: With their artificiality and isolated from their usual settings they depict socio-cultural processes and recall the malaise of postmodern sensitivities.

A gentle gesture between twins, a male hamadryas baboon in a big pose and his hidden family, the oddball tech of the Sony HMZ-T1 3D viewer that outlived itself before hitting the market, and Othello still beeing played by a white actor, painted in black.